Always felt that writing blogs is for people that love hear themselves talking, more for the honor and glory of themselves than for the people they write for. Think I was wrong about that.

The last 2 weeks I 2 persons gave me insights that made me realize I was wrong.

A colleague of mine told me: Henk it’s “not social, not to to share” the things you know. If you don’t share , nobody will know and you can’t help out anyone. True as can be.

Next to that I was in a Training by Avinash Kaushik, who shared his blogging experience and the following 3 lessons were very insightful to me, in my own words:

  1. Writing forces you to think well, you will challenge your thoughts before you put them online and by that you will grow continuously.
  2. Committing to writing a post every week, will make that you are constantly reflecting on the things you see and learn.
  3. One post is nothing, but a continuous stream of 100 weekly posts makes you grow. Helps you realize what you have learned and what other people value and makes you see the shortcomings in your own thinking by using the feedback people give you.

So here I am starting to write about online marketing & communication.  Looking forward.