I’m Henk, I’m Dutch, a Digital Marketing enthuasiast, work@Google and live in San Francisco.

Back in the days in high school I was a pure Beta, mathematics, loved it. But studying Mathematics seemed too narrow. The choice fell for Economics. Economics is a magical combination of the power of mathematics and the humanity in psychology.

The most basic question economists try to answer: Why do people do what they do?  Therefore I love the work of Dubner and Levitt in Freakonomics. They basically uncover the way people operate and make decisions. 

And with this knowledge marketeers and sales people ask themselves: How can we influence the decisions people make? Digital marketing is amazing because it combines this basic question, with unlimited possibilities to easily test, work with tons of data and have millions of ways to look at that. I find it fascinating to uncover what really works and to pick the data that truly makes the difference.

Therefore  I love the geniality of Avinash Kaushik, a man who has an amazing and fascinating talent for picking the right data and communicating that. Quoting him: “No datapuke” and “more think, less ink”.